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It's February! What does that mean for Real Estate!



The Groundhog saw his shadow and went into hiding!  Six more weeks of winter.  Another Artic cold front! the Real Estate world, it's spring!




Traditionally, February is the start of the spring market and typically, the spring market is the hottest of the year!  If you've been thinking of listing your home, now is the time!




How's the Market!!


Good news for the Real Estate Market in Edmond!  We are approaching the marks set in our record year of 2007 before the market slumped......but the better news is that we have record low interest rates that were't available in 2007.  It's a win-win for both buyers and sellers. 

Home sales for the Edmond area are up again with a 31% increase for year to date sales over 2011 with 448 closed sales for the first two months. That is also an increase over the first two months for the last four years.

Up 31% compared to 2011
Up 39% compared to 2010
Up 35% compared to 2009
up 7% compared to 2008
and only down 2% compared to the record year of 2007

Preston Report

We are also at a 6 year high for February for the number of homes under contract.

New home sales were also up over 2011 by 19%. and new homes under contract for February matched recored year 2007, February pending sales with 197 homes under contract waiting to close.

Active listing took a small increase but that is expected this time of year. But new homes between $400,000 and $450,000 saw a 56% increase in homes on the market from January. On the other hand new homes between $150,000 and $200,000 saw a 71% increase from January in the number of homes under contract.

Staging your home for sale

Here's a great video about staging your home to sell.  Simplify your furniture and decor so buyers can see the house.......not your stuff!!

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What Buyers Want in a Home.............

A recent MSN article noted that above just about every other amenity, a buyer wants this one thing in a home.  What is it?

An open floorplan!

If you watch HGTV's real estate programs like House Hunters or My First Place, you have no doubt heard this recurring theme.......On the buyer's wish list is typically a house with an "open concept". 

What exactly does this mean? 

It is a floorplan that has an open view from one public room into the next.  That is, there is a clear view from the kitchen into the family room/living room, dining room, etc. 

Even in an older home, the open concept" can be achieved, usually by taking down a non-weight bearing wall or part of a wall or by making a cut-out in the wall between rooms. 

Unless you are an accomplished DIYer with more than typical home improvement skills, this is a project for a contractor who has a good track record for this kind of inprovement.  If you are lucky, the wall that you want to come down will be one with no electrical or plumbing hook-ups hidden within the walls.  But this will probably not be the case.

If you are wanting to make this kind of home improvement - or any home improvement - call me.  I can refer you to qualified home improvement contractors.

If you are a potential home-buyer....let me know what's on the top of your "must have" list.

The Crazy Uniforms of the University of Maryland Football Team


When it comes to staging your home for sale, DO NOT take a hint from the University of Marylands new football uniforms!  To sum it uptoo much visual stimulus!



If I were to view a home decorated in the style of these uniforms, I would be intrigued..for sure.  My eyes would go straight to that helmet setting on the mantle that is supposed to be the flag for the state of Maryland.  But I would miss the lovely fireplace below, because my eyes have focused on the chaos above.

And color choices!  Red Yellow and Black are not neutral.  Im sorry, but if the University needs to sell these uniforms to another school to raise some quick cash........they are out of luck.  The uniforms appeal is to a very limited audience.  The University of Oklahoma would never buy these uniforms because they could not imagine the Sooners dressed like this.  Likewise, a home with a very strong color palette will be eliminated by the majority of buyers. They will not be able to imagine their personal belongings in this setting.   Keep the colors neutral to appeal to the largest number of buyers.  And keep the decor simple and uncluttered.  It is hard to see the players behind these uniforms and a house is hard to see behind clutter.  For home staging, less is more!

The University of Marylands football team is the talk of the nation right now, and your home decorated in an outlandish fashion will be the talk of the Real Estate world also….but not in a good way.  The talk around the real estate offices will be, "Have you seen that house with the moose head in the dining room?  I just cant bring myself to take my buyers to that house when there are so many other houses on the market.   And buyers, after viewing a home with cluttered or eccentric dcor, will not remember the homes amenities, but they WILL remember the decor.

4 Buyer Incentives that Sell

Found this article on  While Trulia isn't the end-all source of real estate information, it does offer some good information in peices rather than the whole.  Please don't use Trulia for valuation as their disclaimer gives a 40% variable of price  - up or down.  Call a real live human for a proper market anaylsis. 

On todays market, its pretty easy for a seller to find themselves in a serious state of stuck: home stuck on the market with no bites from buyers, and family stuck in the home until the home sells. And that doesnt even account for the feeling of stuck that comes from having gone just about as low as you can go on price without turning your transaction into a short sale. If youre trying to sell, and youve lowered the price but still find your home struggling to compete against a bunch of other, similiarly priced homes with similar features, selling can seem difficult at best, impossible at worst.

Read more here.

A Hurricane in Oklahoma?

Hurricanes are the buzzword this time of year in a large region of the country.  Here in Oklahoma, we pray for some of the moisture from those hurricanes to make it all the way inland to our drought-ridden state - sans the gale force wind. 

Not to make light of those in harms way of a hurricane - I AM JUST WAY EXCITED for the Hurricane in Oklahoma on September 3, 2011.  Opening day of Oklahoma Sooners' football season - OU VS the Tulsa Hurricane - and I have a ticket!

Our tickets are wwwaaaayyyyy up there in the upper feels like a mountain climb.....but once in the seats, we have the best view in the house.  Looking down on the field, we can watch the play develop and know what's going on way before those at or near ground level know.  And the band formations are awesome from that vantage point.

OU ranked # 1.........OSU ranked in the top 10!  It's going to be a great year for football in our state.  I wouldn't even mind watching in a little bit of rain.

Bring it Hurricane!!  (both football and rain are welcome in this state!)

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